Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Socratic-Seminar questions

1. Why does Holden give Phoebe his red haunting hat at the end of chapter 23?
2. What do you think Holden meant by "the catcher in the rye?" Is this really his future?
3. WHat does Holden's point of view about his future and his life tell us about our society today?
4. Do you think Mr. Antolini, his teacher, really cares about Holden? Why does he invite him over?
5. Who made Holden think that his future is going to be on the field?

1. As we already know, Holden likes Phoebe and he really cares about her. His red hunting hat reminds him of Allie and also it makes Holden feel very special. This hunting hat is very important for him and also the color red symbolizes love. THis is my opinion.

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